Joël Egberink, founder of, made was searching for an customer for a universal beltclip. After searching and searching throughout the entire world and exhibitions, he finally had the idea to generate his own product: the Clockker mounts. Together with the Chinese factory where he develops the mounts he ships the Clockker systems towards Europe.

He's not inexperienced in this market, because back in 2013 he started the company PhoneBucks where he was searching for another customer for ruggedized mobile phones. A dream came true when he collaborated with Bullitt Group in United Kingdom, the manufacturer of the robust Catphones! PhoneBucks sold over 10,000 mobile phones and sold hundreds of contracts with providers such as Vodafone, Tele2 and other local big companies.


Behind Clockker

Joël Egberink

CEO / Founder

Joël Egberink 

about clockker

CLOCKKER is the most innovative click and lock mechanism for smartphones, tablets, IR-remotes and more. High-end build quality in a gorgeous design fitting for all user types.